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CNBC Arabia Name: CNBC Arabia
Description: CNBC Arabia is a leading business and financial news channel that covers the Middle East and North Africa region. Founded in 2003, it is a joint venture between CNBC and Riyadh-based broadcaster Middle East Business News (MEN). The channel provides 24-hour coverage of business and financial news, with a focus on the economy, markets, and companies in the Arab world. It also covers global business news and international markets to provide a comprehensive view of the economic landscape. CNBC Arabia is available in both Arabic and English, making it a go-to source for business news and analysis for audiences in the region. The channel also offers a variety of programs and segments, including interviews with top business leaders and experts, market analysis, and special reports on key economic events. With its extensive coverage and in-depth reporting, CNBC Arabia is a trusted source for business and financial news in the Middle East and North Africa.
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